Oracle Berkeley DB 11g Release 2

September 09, 2013

Getting Started Guides
Get started with Berkeley DB today. If you are new to Berkeley DB, the following documents will help you learn about important concepts and guide you through how to get started.

Getting Started with Data Storage

Getting Started with Transaction Processing

Getting Started with Transactional Java Collections

Getting Started with Replication

Berkeley DB SQL API

Berkeley DB Porting Guide


The programmatic reference guide provides detailed information to help you during application design and implementation. This definitive reference document is organized by concept, rather than by API.

Reference Guide for Berkeley DB

Programmatic APIs

These fully-detailed references cover every public interface for Berkeley DB. For each interface, the documentation lists arguments and return values, and covers pre- and post-conditions.

Build, Installation, and Upgrade Guide

The Installation Guide contains the following hints, step-by-step instructions, and platform-specific details of the build, installation, and upgrade processes:

In addition, the Berkeley DB Release History and Patches page may be of interest to you.

Historical Upgrade

This guide contains the upgrade process and instructions along with the release notes for the historical versions of Berkeley DB.

Additional Booklets

Additional Information

Berkeley DB releases optionally include strong cryptographic support; this release DOES contain cryptographic support. Export/import and/or use of cryptography software, or even communicating technical details about cryptography software, is illegal in some parts of the world. You are strongly advised to pay close attention to any export/import and/or use laws which apply to you when you import a release of Berkeley DB including cryptography to your country or re-distribute source code from it in any way.

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