db_upgrade [-NsVv] [-h home] [-P password] file ...  

The db_upgrade utility upgrades the Berkeley DB version of one or more files and the databases they contain to the current release version.

The options are as follows:

It is important to realize that Berkeley DB database upgrades are done in place, and so are potentially destructive. This means that if the system crashes during the upgrade procedure, or if the upgrade procedure runs out of disk space, the databases may be left in an inconsistent and unrecoverable state. See Upgrading databases for more information.

The db_upgrade utility may be used with a Berkeley DB environment (as described for the -h option, the environment variable DB_HOME, or because the utility was run in a directory containing a Berkeley DB environment). In order to avoid environment corruption when using a Berkeley DB environment, db_upgrade should always be given the chance to detach from the environment and exit gracefully. To cause db_upgrade to release all environment resources and exit cleanly, send it an interrupt signal (SIGINT).

The db_upgrade utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

Environment Variables


If the -h option is not specified and the environment variable DB_HOME is set, it is used as the path of the database home, as described in the DB_ENV->open() method.