Chapter 9.  Upgrading Berkeley DB applications to Berkeley DB

Table of Contents

Changes to the build_windows Folder
Replication Connection Status in the Java API
New Function
New Class
Deprecated Function
Exclusive Database Handles
New Functions
Configure the Region Size of Heap Databases
New Functions
New Hotbackup Interface
New Functions
Flags Accepted by DB_ENV->backup()
Flags Accepted by DB_ENV->dbbackup()
Enumerations Accepted by DB_ENV->set_backup_config()
Updated JDBC Version
Configure Directory to Store Metadata Files
New Functions
Changes in the SQL API Build
Replication for Existing Databases in the SQL API
PRAGMAs With Permanent Effects
PRAGMAs That Can Now Operate on Existing Databases
Berkeley DB X/Open Compliant XA Resource Manager and Transaction Snapshots
Berkeley DB Library Version Change Log
Changes between and
Database or Log File On-Disk Format Changes
New Features
Database Environment Changes
Access Method Changes
SQL API Changes
Java-specific API changes
Replication Changes
Locking Subsystem Changes
Logging Subsystem Changes
Memory Pool Subsystem Changes
Mutex Subsystem Changes
Transaction Subsystem Changes
Utility Changes
Configuration, Documentation, Sample Apps, Portability and Build Changes
Known Bugs


The following pages describe how to upgrade applications coded against the Berkeley DB library to the Berkeley DB library (both of which belong to Berkeley DB 11g Release 2). This information does not describe how to upgrade Berkeley DB 1.85 release applications.

For information on the general process of upgrading Berkeley DB installations and upgrade instructions related to historical releases, see the Berkeley DB Upgrade Guide.