Berkeley DB XML
version 2.5.16

Class DatabaseType

  extended by com.sleepycat.db.DatabaseType

public final class DatabaseType
extends Object

Database types.

Field Summary
static DatabaseType BTREE
          The database is a Btree.
static DatabaseType HASH
          The database is a Hash.
static DatabaseType QUEUE
          The database is a Queue.
static DatabaseType RECNO
          The database is a Recno.
static DatabaseType UNKNOWN
          The database type is unknown.
Method Summary
 String toString()
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Field Detail


public static final DatabaseType BTREE
The database is a Btree. The Btree format is a representation of a sorted, balanced tree structure.


public static final DatabaseType HASH
The database is a Hash. The Hash format is an extensible, dynamic hashing scheme.


public static final DatabaseType QUEUE
The database is a Queue. The Queue format supports fast access to fixed-length records accessed sequentially or by logical record number.


public static final DatabaseType RECNO
The database is a Recno. The Recno format supports fixed- or variable-length records, accessed sequentially or by logical record number, and optionally backed by a flat text file.


public static final DatabaseType UNKNOWN
The database type is unknown.

Method Detail


public String toString()

toString in class Object

Berkeley DB XML
version 2.5.16

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