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Class MultipleEntry

  extended by com.sleepycat.db.DatabaseEntry
      extended by com.sleepycat.db.MultipleEntry
Direct Known Subclasses:
MultipleDataEntry, MultipleKeyDataEntry, MultipleKeyNIODataEntry, MultipleNIODataEntry, MultipleRecnoDataEntry, MultipleRecnoNIODataEntry

public abstract class MultipleEntry
extends DatabaseEntry

An abstract class representing a DatabaseEntry that holds multiple results returned by a single Cursor get method. Use one of the concrete subclasses depending on whether you need:

Method Summary
 void setUserBuffer(int length, boolean usermem)
          Configures the entry with an application-owned buffer.
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Method Detail


public void setUserBuffer(int length,
                          boolean usermem)
Description copied from class: DatabaseEntry
Configures the entry with an application-owned buffer.

The data field of the entry must refer to a buffer that is at least length bytes in length.

If the length of the requested item is less than or equal to that number of bytes, the item is copied into the memory to which the data field refers. Otherwise, the size field is set to the length needed for the requested item, and a MemoryException is thrown.

Applications can determine the length of a record by setting length to 0 and calling DatabaseEntry.getSize on the return value.

setUserBuffer in class DatabaseEntry
length - the length of the buffer

usermem - whether the buffer is owned by the application

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version 2.5.16

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